Futari Ecchi

It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover   —-   Marge Piercy


Futari Ecchi is undoubtedly the most informative and educating manga out there. However the information provided is on ‘sex’. The story revolves around the sexual life of a married couple. Lives of their friends, co-workers, family members and neighbors are also covered time to time.

Because of the extra focus on sexual aspects, this manga gets blames like ‘a series that only revolves around the bed’, ‘series with zero plot development’ etc. These acquisitions are quite wrong.

Despite being quite slow, there is quite decent plot development in this series. And we also see that the sexual aspect of life is just not only about ‘the main thing’ but the things like problems and hindrances in sex life, marriage v/s single relationships, multiple sex partners, pregnancy etc are also important part of a sex life.

We also see other aspects for a married life time to time in this manga.
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” If you are God and Delusion become reality,
About what kinds of noids you get?
Is it a Sensual world? A Despotic society?
The Destructive Sanctions?
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Angel’s Egg

Don’t flame me if the review has already been got over and done with before since I’m not going to give my own review just this once anyway. But before I copy-paste a somewhat substantial review from somewhere (most of you must have already read it time and again and have memorized it by now) I would like to opine a bit about this ever obfuscating movie.

All I can say is that it would appear to be an extraordinary metaphor only when you are well versed in Bible. When I watched the movie for the first time ages back, I really struggled to comprehend what the movie was all about, I couldn’t figure out where it starts and where it all ends. Yes sure I had my own interpretations and we all know about Noah’s Ark and shit, but the thing is, I couldn’t dredge the actual bottom no matter how I looked at it. For the first time, I felt defeated in this context and I had to look for a proper explanation online and once I did check, everything finally fell in place. Unto that point in time, I had been constantly trying to interpret the movie from the perspective of both philosophy and psychology but after going through the elaborate analysis I realized that psychology is the last thing you’d want to attach to Angel’s Egg. Angel’s Egg really doesn’t offer any scope to have multiple general interpretations. It’s NOTHING PSYCHOLOGICAL…I repeat NOTHING PSYCHOLOGICAL but ENTIRELY PHILOSOPHICAL. Angel’s Egg is but an egg of Mamoru Oshi-san’s lifelong history with Christianity. If there has ever been any anime movie sprouting from religious perceptions, it has to be Angel’s Egg. I’ll say it again this movie will thrill you only when you grasp the philosophy behind it all for which you need to fall back on the holy bible. Anyway here’s the copy-paste of the Analysis as promised. Please read if you haven’t already:- Continue reading