Itachi Scribble

Itachi scribble artwork



Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied artwork

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.

– Mark Overby

Elfen Lied is,without a shadow of the doubt,one of the most controversial and critically acclaimed Anime ever made.Elfen Lied is a grim,emotional and depressing tale enveloped in 13 episodes and puts strong emphasis on human emotions. Before venturing further,for people who get nauseated and detest witnessing blood,nudity and gore can stop reading here,this anime is not for you….  Continue reading

Neon Genesis Evangelion series

Neon Genesis Evangelion+ NGE “Death and Rebirth” + The End of Evangelion

This series certainly gained my respect and earned me as a fan…After starting as a typical Mecha, it changes a lot till the end…to the point that one can think that they r under a psychological attack and how much your mind can handle both the graphic imagery and the information that’s coming flowing in…and that’s what impressed me the most about it…
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AMC typography

An AMC typography I made, well it took me about one and a half hours to make this. It wasn’t anything much difficult. The only difficult, rather tedious part was filling in the names. I haven’t added any effects to this one as I wanted a pure black, white, cyan on red result.




Since antiquity, flesh eating monsters who can take human form, known as Shokujinki, have preyed on people. A dedicated group of swordsmen, the Kifuuken, have made it their mission to hunt them. In modern times, the Ki

fuuken have lost much of their power and influence but the heir apparent, Toshihiko Momota, continues the fight. One day he meets a beautiful woman, Yuka, by chance. Toshihiko can’t help but to love her, even after he finds out Yuka is a flesh eater. The two run away, leaving the Kifuuken in disarray with Shokujinki attacks on the rise. Continue reading

FLAG Director’s Edition: Issenman no Kufura no Kiroku

FLAG cover

The camera has been watching. Watching countless acts of human folly and utter brutality on countless battlefields. The camera has been watching. Watching the everyday routine of humanity.The little joys, the secret hopes. The camera has seen them all and recorded them as numerous fragments of time. In each of these moments frozen in time forever, we are treated to a glimpse of the unvarnished truth. As time marches on, it fades into memory. But those voices from the past, those moments frozen in time, those individual photographs have been known to change the course of history…and they have also been known to determine the course of a single person’s life. Now once again, a photograph, a moment frozen in time is about to change the world.

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