Code GEASS – Lelouch Of The Rebellion

77864_318181338279490_26415643_o [Reviewed by: Gopal Chatterjee]

The world won’t change with pretty words alone! – Zero

Code Geass starts with a story of a highly intelligent boy named Lelouch who later on become known as a British prince who can see the corruption of the current system and planning to CHANGE it.

Characters: Lelouch Vi Britannia : “One must destroy before creating.” The idea is reminding us the famous mythical creature, Phoenix, the beautiful bird that when gets old builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again. In the first episode of R1, he encounters a mysterious girl who proposes to give him power in exchange he has to fulfill her one and only wish. Gaining the power, Lelouch put a mask of a rebellion leader, Zero, and start his rebellion against a world of corruption which in his point of view isn’t worthy of any attempt to repairing it but rather destroying it for good so that a new system gets born in the ruins of the older one with the hope of getting better.

Suzaku Kururugi: “I am going to change this world from the inside.” Suzaku is the embodiment of the idea of using the resources at hand in the current system to build the better future within, trying hard to be abiding by the rules. He has a paradoxical character who stubbornly believes in being able to achieve a peaceful society without breaking the rules. In the first season he says that “I believe that using the ends to justify the means is wrong.” but as the story goes we see him struggling to hold on to his idealistic perspective which wounding him in every step on the way till he breaks and finally come to terms with the side of himself who desired gaining RESULTS.

C.C.: “Without death, all we have are random events, accumulation, you can’t call that life!” The mysterious girl name C.C. is an immortal being who can give power to humans. She seems to be apathetic to humans’ struggles and the reason for her to giving power to Lelouch is wanting him to fulfill her one wish. Living for a long time she seems to have forgotten the taste of winning and losing. What this character adds to the anime is a point of view in which so much of the humans’ sadness and excitements are for nothing. As she tells Lelouch “No matter how great you make yourself sound, you’re still just a naive boy who’s all talk and who only dreams of victory in his head.” On the other hand she finds herself at a loss by not being able to feel the change through endless flow of time.

While at times the world in Code Geass can seem to be alien compared to ours, due to the dominance of the world by just a few superpowers, and elements such as Geass, and the Knightmare frames, the characters in the story make it easy to relate to it because they are all in their own way human. Their decisions, motivations, and relationships are all realistic and part of our every day life. Additionally the story is very well written and directed as the Characters really adhere to their core, they are not twisted to earn the sympathy of the viewer or the favor of the viewer, they just are who they are.

Code Geass R1 is a brilliant roller-coaster ride of emotion and relationships. It moves at a break neck pace so that one will never feel like a episode was too strung out like other anime in fact sometimes you’ll wonder how they managed to fly so through much material so quickly.

You may hear someone trying to compare this series to another but it is truly one of a kind. If you are an anime viewer I urge you not to miss this epic story. I assure you it will be one ride you will not regret. Code Geass is an instant classic that should be enjoyed by all who can get their hands on it.

Words are insufficient to describe the pure genius of this series so I hope that everyone who has not seen this series it is truly a Must Watch, a Masterpiece.

Code Geass gripped me, made me laugh, and made me cry. It is by far the best anime series I have ever seen.

R1 or Season 1 is just the beginning it is incomplete without continuing and finishing the series through till the end of R2.

I rate it 9.2/10.


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