Shigurui: Death Frenzy


“The unstopping bitter wail is the final show of the genius swordsman. No. This is the sound of childbirth. The birth of a new monster. On this day, there were two monsters that were born.”

Some shows come into your life and turn it around. Then there are shows that possess you for life. They possess you, they breathe down on your neck and cripple your ability to emote. They pierce right through your heart and freeze you in your place. Shigurui is one such anime. Watched it 2 years back and since some of us were discussing this masterpiece yesterday and today in the evening, I just started reminiscing my unforgettable experience with the show all over again . A review is the best way I can express myself when I’m talking about Shigurui, so here goes nothing. Continue reading



459197_10152222710603484_151208750_oGenres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Seinen

This small series of 7 chapters is a mixture of few stories that revolves around the concept of “witches” as you may have already guessed from the title itself.

The art is a pure eye candy which totally compliments the treatment of story telling.

“More must be explored by thyself for better understanding than to just listen and heed the words of a thousand men” – said by a great man

All in all, I’d say it’s a gem of a manga that doesn’t shy out to dive into philosophical, cultural and religious contexts and do proper justice with them.

A MUST read in my opinion. 😀

Originally article by Vishal Gaur