The Skull Man

Vishal Gaur

This anime is based on the manga “The Skullman” by Kazuhiko Himamoto but it wasn’t his original idea. Kazuhiko being an avid fan of Shotaro Ishinomori, just revived his original work “Skullman” and created a story around those original 3 chapters created by Ishinomori. Ishinomori made this manga while working on “Kamen Rider” which is a classic and highly successful series of that time, original “Skullman” ended up being the building block for KR.skullman2

But his anime particularly here is more like a pseudo-prequel to “Cyborg 009” (another classic series by Ishinomori). It’s really a regret that not a single scanlation group has scanlated the 50 chapter manga of “The Skullman”, since BONES obviously did a very rushed job with the anime trying to fit in those 50 chapters in just 13 episodes. Still characters were the ones that really shines brighter than the stars in the anime and after doing some research i also learned that the character of “Skullman” itself was one of the very first anti-heroes of manga history. I really miss these kind of characters in today’s anime.

If you like retro and jazz, then you’ll surely like Skullman. This anime fills all those gaps that made me dislike “Zetman” (since both share the same theme), the only problem i had with the anime was that it’s very rushed. Also, the religious and philosophical undertone was really a bliss, though it’s hard to follow in this anime because of pacing. I’d very much like to read the source material for it one day. Maybe some scanlation group does pick it up.


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