A briefing on experimental manga

ax cover

Ax cover

To highlight, away from the conventional clutches of Commercialization there were minds in Japan that could pervade on wonders akin to Will Eisner, Dave Mazzucchelli, Joe Sacco or contemporaries like Sarnath Banerjee. People who went away from the commercialized markets to probe their pens into jotting down the unconventional. Experimenting on several acoustic art styles that would echo expressionist ideas, and themes that knew no bizarre boundaries.

Although their Graphic Novels can be categorized as having seinen/mature content over the internet, but originally they went out of the demographic shackles of shounen, seinen or Josei as they germinated in the libraries dating from Post-war Japan as an underground movement of sorts. The initiative was taken by Yashihiro Tatsumi when he decided to provide the country with a market which would appeal to the crowd that appreciates magical realism and other literary aesthetics. Though the market was misunderstood and gained notoriety among conscious parental circles who stereotyped drawings with speech bubbles as bad influence to the children and more so because of the lewd content at times. But there were significant number of adolescent readers that protested against these tectonic calamities which were up to shake off the foundation. Continue reading

ben-to cover


“Those who have tasted blood can never be dogs again. They won’t be able to stomach a pig’s humiliation either. It only depends on you whether you can be a wolf or not.”

Every once in a while you get a show that gatecrashes in your life, take you by the scruff of the neck and throws you into a maelstrom of adrenalin. Ben-To is one such anime and yet when you try googling it, you get search results for Ben 10! or at least that’s how it used to be not too long ago. Anyway I personally thought the show was simply terrific and I’m going to elucidate the reasons behind my admiration and love for this show.


It’s totally offbeat. Based on the original light novel by the same name,the story is as bizarre as it can get for a slice-of-life/action genre. As the name suggests, this anime highlights the value of half-priced bentos in the supermarkets. The half priced bentos are exquisite, available in small numbers and are otherwise very expensive if the discounts aren’t given. Now this is exactly what leads to an indomitable hysteria for the bentos amongst the youth who are ready to fightben-to cover to death with one another over them. They literally duke it out every night just to get the delicious bentos for half price. The rule is the same as any battle. Winner takes it all. At least if not anything, the winner takes the most prized bento the house has to offer.They are known as the wolves and each area has its own superstar like The Ice Witch, The Monarch, The Wizard, The Beauty by the Lake, Hentai/Wanko(Barky) [ROFLMAO!!!!!], Orthros etc. Sato (hentai) and Yarizui (The Ice Witch) are the protagonists. Sato’s life changes forever the Continue reading


Annarasumanara cover

[Reviewed by Srinivas Akundi]

When I first read the name, the first word that reflected in my mind was “Abracadabra”..maybe that is what it means in Korean…

Kindly note, my views usually contain spoilers, and are definitely not poised to form a review’s. They are more like what people discuss while coming out from movie theater.

Annarasumunara is what I see as a coming-of-age Korean drama which is depicted in a webcomic format. The author, lemme check, Ha-Il_won or Hailgwon, got this idea while returning from a circus. He used the magic as a motif for portraying passive , behind the surface , intuitive feelings which people seem to forget as their life becomes more rule based with time, money, prestige, pride and most importantly ..people, involved.

Imagine yourself taking the same route to your destination, lets say by Bus. One day you wish to travel by your own automobile, you will feel the travelling experience totally different , maybe you will remember for times that come. One of the many plot devices of Annarasumunara teaches you that.

With just 3 Volumes (27 Chapters) long, neither you would feel the pace being too fast, nor the plot being too small to enjoy. Ah-yee mesmerizes you by constantly breaking the fourth wall with her letters to her Mom (Us!) as she narrates her feelings silently in words (with a neat handwriting, the typesetter was good!) Continue reading

Must read ONE SHOT manga

[Note: Some names mentioned here might now have been fully serialized, but they did have a one shot.]

  • Half & Half
  • Cross Epoch
  • Romance Dawn 
  • 13
  • Bleach Short Story Edition
  • Beelzebub
  • Naruto Pilot
  • Lock On!
  • Afuganisu-tan
  • Koishite!? Kami-sama!!
  • Otter 11
  • Berserk Prototype
  • Futagami Double
  • Blust!
  • Nurarihyon no Mago
  • SWOT
  • SKET Dance
  • Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara
  • Bench
  • Bankara
  • Raiden-18
  • Stray Dog 8
  • Kintoki 5
  • Moon Walker LTD.
  • Hotel 
  • Hanshin 
  • Present 
  • Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk
  • Island 
  • One Piece x Toriko Continue reading

Code GEASS – Lelouch Of The Rebellion

77864_318181338279490_26415643_o [Reviewed by: Gopal Chatterjee]

The world won’t change with pretty words alone! – Zero

Code Geass starts with a story of a highly intelligent boy named Lelouch who later on become known as a British prince who can see the corruption of the current system and planning to CHANGE it.

Characters: Lelouch Vi Britannia : “One must destroy before creating.” The idea is reminding us the famous mythical creature, Phoenix, the beautiful bird that when gets old builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again. In the first episode of R1, he encounters a mysterious girl who proposes to give him power in exchange he has to fulfill her one and only wish. Gaining the power, Lelouch put a mask of a rebellion leader, Zero, and start his rebellion against a world of corruption which in his point of view isn’t worthy of any attempt to repairing it but rather destroying it for good so that a new system gets born in the ruins of the older one with the hope of getting better.

Continue reading