A briefing on experimental manga

ax cover

Ax cover

To highlight, away from the conventional clutches of Commercialization there were minds in Japan that could pervade on wonders akin to Will Eisner, Dave Mazzucchelli, Joe Sacco or contemporaries like Sarnath Banerjee. People who went away from the commercialized markets to probe their pens into jotting down the unconventional. Experimenting on several acoustic art styles that would echo expressionist ideas, and themes that knew no bizarre boundaries.

Although their Graphic Novels can be categorized as having seinen/mature content over the internet, but originally they went out of the demographic shackles of shounen, seinen or Josei as they germinated in the libraries dating from Post-war Japan as an underground movement of sorts. The initiative was taken by Yashihiro Tatsumi when he decided to provide the country with a market which would appeal to the crowd that appreciates magical realism and other literary aesthetics. Though the market was misunderstood and gained notoriety among conscious parental circles who stereotyped drawings with speech bubbles as bad influence to the children and more so because of the lewd content at times. But there were significant number of adolescent readers that protested against these tectonic calamities which were up to shake off the foundation. Continue reading