Serial Experiments Lain

A review by Rahul Ghosh

Lain Iwakura is the sort of ordinary girl who isn’t much tech savvy in the era of computers but a string of events consequently leads her to get devoured by the world of ‘wired’. So much for a plot summary, for the rest Lain lives up to it’s name as a bonafied mindfuck of a series.

Speaking of a theme or central idea, well Lain doesn’t have one… to be precise the theme is not bound by any single strand of interpretation for what i recon Lain throws at us several dimensions of symbolism, at almost every scene. Most of the time you’ll be just blankly staring at the screen going “What the fuck is happening ?”, yes.. Lain is just Incomprehensible at almost every second, and honestly I wouldn’t recommend watching the series to anyone Well here’s my take on the series : Continue reading


Neon Genesis Evangelion series

Neon Genesis Evangelion+ NGE “Death and Rebirth” + The End of Evangelion

This series certainly gained my respect and earned me as a fan…After starting as a typical Mecha, it changes a lot till the end…to the point that one can think that they r under a psychological attack and how much your mind can handle both the graphic imagery and the information that’s coming flowing in…and that’s what impressed me the most about it…
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